Does Power Up void the manufactures warranty?

No.  In fact Power Up offers you an even higher level of comfort.  Not only are you covered by your manufacturers warranty, Power Up also has you covered with a 5million dollar warranty. To view a copy of this warranty click here.

How does Power Up Work?

The Power Up technology has an ability to reverse the wear molecule and create a negative ion. The negative ion then forms a marriage with the lubricant that its working with. Our technology can withstand 200,000 lbs of pressure to the wear surface, where grease and oil are used as lubricants. We treat the oil not the wear surface, other technology bonds to the wear surface, we do not.

Is this product an additive & does it contain clorinated solvents?

No we are not an additive, additives that are in lubricants will bond to the wear surface. We are a Oil Fortifier and we do not bond the wear surface. We increase the film strength of lubrication and are not classified as an additive. No this product does not contain chlorinated solvents. For more questions on these issues please contact our main office.

Will I have to change the oil supplier that I am presently dealing with?

No you can remain purchasing your lubricants form your present supplier. We treat their lubricants and increase the film strength of that lubricant.

Can I extend my lubrication intervals with this technology?

Yes you can extend your intervals safely with lower wear metal counts that are normally experienced on regular intervals. It is recommended by our company for our clients to perform spectral analysis for engine and gear box applications and particle analysis test for hydraulics.

Can your products help reduce the operating temperatures of my present lubricants?

Yes especially if the lubricants are running over 140 degrees. Example in hydraulics I have seen temperatures go form 240 degrees and drop down to 170 degrees. These results took approximately 30 days of operation.

Will your products reduce bearing temperatures and bearing failures?

Yes all of our customers will experience a reduction of bearing temperature and bearing failure. Our company and our products offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Is Power Up compatible with major brands of motor oil?

Yes we are compatible with major brands of motor oil. For more information on this question please feel free to contact our company.

Is Power Up Thixogrease compatible with major brands of standard & high temperature greases?

Yes we are compatible with major brand standard & high temperature greases. We also have the ability to work with synthetic greases. For more information on compatibility contact our company.

Will Power Up help reduce engine oil consumption with my equipment?

Yes in many cases we are seeing a reduction of oil consumption with engine applications.

Will your company send our company samples of Power Up to test?

Absolutely, go to our contact page and give us a call or email us and we will gladly send you a test sample.

Are the Power Up products hazardous to our environment?

No we are not, we are an environmentally friendly technology. If more information is needed on this subject you may contact our company.

Can PowerUp NNL690-G be used as an oil replacement with refrigeration freon?

Yes, PowerUp has been field tested for several years. The results have been lower operating temperatures with improved lubricity.

Is your fuel additive compatible with our Bio Diesel Fuels?

Yes, Gen49D is compatible with Bio Diesel Fuels. Gen49D has been field tested with Bio Diesel Fuels in Wisconsin for a little over 2 years with excellent results. The results have been lower fuel emissions, increased power, increased fuel savings, easier starts in cold weather. It has an excellent, anti wear, anti jell, anti fungus and water displacement package.

Will Power Up affect my manufacturers warranty?

No. In fact Power Up offers you an even higher level of comfort. Not only are you covered by your manufacturers warranty, Power Up also has you covered with a 5 million dollar warranty.